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Whether you have an established business, a start-up, an idea, or a sales job, you need quality leads. Audax Group can help you.

Real Estate Leads

Roofing Leads

Hand dialing and power dialing approved. Full state and volume sort.

Roofing Data

Simple clicks, nothing fancy.

Auto Warranty/Auto Insurance

Regular opt-ins from clicks

Health Insurance

Real Time Leads!

Premium and standard

30-60 Days

60-90 Days

Life Insurance

30-60 Days

60-90 Days


UCC Filings

You receive Business Name, Owner Name, Phone Number, and the Date Pulled

Internally Generated Source for MCA

24 hours

14-30 Days



Even with stellar marketing teams, businesses require fresh leads to sustain call center momentum and ensure consistent growth. No business can truly have "too much" business, as continuous lead influx safeguards against market fluctuations and propels expansion.

Solar Leads-Consumer data model

Consumer data is great for targeting homeowners when solar lead volume is low. Or if you’re running a dialer and don’t have the budget. Normal filters we run: Single-family dwelling, indicated, homeowners, 650+ credit, cellphones, and head of the household.

Solar-Form Filled Leads

These are straight form filled from the following channels: ( YouTube ads, Facebook ads, and our solar landers). It is a blend of these, that is what helps get our pricing down.

Solar-Real Time Leads

Real-time coreg feed which means a blend of different marketing channels thrown into one. However, it is more filtered and can be posted with Jornaya/TF . Real-time leads are available for this feed! Real-time coreg feed which means a blend of different marketing channels thrown into one. However, it is more filtered and can be posted with Jornaya/TF . Real-time leads are available for this feed!

Solar Leads-Aged transfer Model Aged transfer Model

They come from a U.S. based call center that is generating live solar transfers for a national client. They spend anywhere from $80-$120 per lead, depending on location and availability. Once the lead becomes 7 days aged we are allowed to resell it once as a second position lead. Do not be scared off by the age of the data. Large clients take 30-90 days aged. They like them because by this time, the consumer is getting quotes from multiple companies. This means the consumer is more educated. The older data sets are also great for training new hires, its good for them to get their teeth kicked in.

All of these leads are:

Interested in Solar


Single Family Dwellings

No Shade

Credit Qualified These are our highest quality leads available with jornaya and trusted form

ACA Premium (Jornaya):

30-60 days:

60-90 days:

90-180 days:

ACA Standard Opt in (No Jornaya)

30-60 days:

60-90 days:

90-180 days:

Web & Funnel


It's not just about presence, but purpose. Web and funnel design streamline user experience, guiding visitors through a structured journey towards your desired action. Effective design captures attention, builds trust, and simplifies decision-making, converting casual visitors into your qualified leads.

Chatbots and Lead Generation

A chatbot on you website is mandatory and serves as a powerful tool for lead generation for several reasons:

24/7 Availability: Chatbots are always online, ensuring that potential leads can engage with your business at any time, even outside of regular business hours.

Instant Response: Visitors receive immediate answers to their queries, enhancing user experience and reducing the chance of them leaving the site due to delays.

Qualifying Leads: Chatbots can be programmed to ask specific questions that help in determining the quality and intent of a lead, ensuring that only genuine prospects are forwarded to the sales team.

Data Collection: Chatbots can gather essential information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and specific needs or preferences, building a database for future marketing campaigns.

Consistent Messaging: Unlike human agents who might vary in their responses, chatbots provide consistent information, ensuring that potential leads receive accurate and uniform details every time.

Reduced Bounce Rate: By engaging visitors immediately and providing relevant information, chatbots can reduce the number of users who leave the site quickly, increasing the chances of conversion.

Cost-Efficient: Once set up, chatbots can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, reducing the need for multiple customer service representatives and thereby saving costs.

Integration with CRM: Chatbots can be integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, automatically updating lead information and ensuring seamless follow-up processes.

In essence, chatbots not only enhance the user experience on a website but also play a pivotal role in capturing, qualifying, and nurturing potential leads, making them invaluable assets in modern digital marketing strategies.

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